Why (& How) to invest in #HIGH

Cryptocurrencies are graining grounds in the financial world, not just as a means to store value, but also as a means of exchange. Revenue. Growth.

With the advent of Bitcoin other alternative coins came out, also called Altcoin. These coins, some of which have been successful and others unsuccessful, have had to source for funds from the general public through ICOs.

Crowdfunding for Cryptocurrency is different from traditional once. In Cryptocurrency, Crowdfunding is an investment platform. The people who put in their cash into these cryptocurrencies are rewarded with a token, which when the cryptocurrency improves, gives them money in the bank.

But the issues with ICO over the last few years is that investors have unknowingly invested in Altcoins that were not credible, and subsequently lost their investment.

With us, there is assurance that every money invested in an ICO is not going down the drain.

Here is why:

  1. Specific Audience: Successfully running an ICO campaign takes more than just a Cryptocurrency, it needs a willing audience and Cryptocurrency-ready audience. With HighBank, the investors on the platform a very well aware of what they are in for and trust our service.

  2. Trustworthiness of listed ICOs: On HighBank, because we know how fraudulent some cryptocurrencies ICO can get, how some of its developers are not seasoned Cryptocurrency professionals, has made the ICOs listed credible. HighBank, in its bid to create authentic currencies for ICOs, does background checkups on the ICO before any Altcoin is listed. The website, logo, team behind the Altcoin and even the well-defined roadmap, among many other criteria, are critically reviewed by the team at HighBank. If the ICO passes the test, then it is listed on the HighBank website. This method ensures that only credible ICOs are listed.

  3. Highly trusted reviews: People buy cryptocurrencies after reading reviews and hear words from industry experts. It is a normal human phenomenon to gravitate towards a certain thing, especially one they one is unsure of when a respected individual or voice raves about that thing in a positive light. At #HighBank, we create honest and well thought-out reviews by our experts and Cryptocurrency eggheads. We also counter fake reviews. The blockchain technology makes it easier for us to monitor and stop the spread of fake reviews, which can be harmful to an ICO. After every review by our team of top Cryptocurrency journalists, the blockchain makes it impossible to alter the review, except of course an update on the review is to be done by our journalist. In addition, the history of this update would be on the blockchain for all to see.

  4. Know Your Customer ( KYC ) Verification: This feature is our own way of assuring investors that project owners are genuine. The process of verification is not compulsory, but if done adds a lot of credibility to the team. If a team permits that they should be verified, some members of the team are selected at random and their profiles scrutinized.

  5. Help with marketing tools: The process of listing a Cryptocurrency for ICO is tasking and can be herculean for most. Also, ICOs are as successful as the value the Cryptocurrency adds and the marketing put into it. HighBank provides you with the necessary tools to help with your digital marketing, from your dashboard, while we let you focus on the technical parts of your project.

  6. We seamlessly distribute tokens: The automation process allows the system to automatically distribute funds gotten from investors to other investors. The system also accepts major coins like ethereum, litecoin bitcoin for ICOs.

  7. Airdrops and Bounty Campaigns: A marketing hack that has proven effective for other ICOs in the past, airdrops and bounty campaigns have been automated with HighBank, making it easier to accomplish.

  8. Smart contracts: This special feature ensures that the tokens are evenly distributed after the rules and details that you prefer have been imputed.

  9. Multifunctional Dashboard: Our special dashboard helps you monitor all that is going on with the ICO. You can upgrade your membership from the user-friendly dashboard.

  10. Special APIs: The API is designed to help you call on important and positive reviews that you can display on your landing page to convert more visitors.

Let’s check the next stages:

HighBank is creating the next-generation Blockchain-based ecosystem required to allow the crypto community to maximize and diversify their portfolios in the volatile crypto marketplace. We are transforming the foundation of crypto markets to create a viable trading ecosystem that boosts the adoption of cryptocurrencies! We are doing that together with you, buy going on crowdfunding. Why? Because TOGETHER the supply & demand on the crypto market will be maximized! Only together we can make a change by creating and backing solutions which are really needed on the market, but needed for overall good!

Our coin #HIGH is live. And High is also live on B2BP2P (ETH and BTC), and (more important):

Value is increasing!


It is vital that people understand the value which HighBank is bringing to the table.

HighBank democratizes crypto trading in the following sense:

I. Creating more opportunities for traders to buy, sell and exchange their favorite virtual currencies;

II. Providing start-ups, that intend to use ICOs as a means for raising funds, an international platform that allows them to gain global recognition;

III. Providing Blockchain start-ups all the necessary tools they need to execute and market their ICOs securely;

IV. Partnering with established marketing communities on popular platforms such as Telegram and YouTube to help start-ups fast-track the reachability of their ICO to as many communities as possible;

V. Regularizing and organizing annual seminars and conferences that promote knowledge creation and sharing among the Blockchain communities;

and VI. Acting as a hub of technology innovation that encourages and supports start-ups to design, create, and commercialize innovative technologies.

With a host of unique features, it is visible to the eye that investing in High is a wise option. When that step is taken, they can be fully assured that high gains will be made. It is also pertinent to remember that the motivated team at HighBank are working tirelessly to improve the value being given.

We invite you to join our Dedicated #HighBank Community HEREas well as to follow our work on:

βœ… Websitehttps://highbank.io/

βœ… WhitePaper: https://highbank.io/HighBank_Whitepaper.pdf

βœ… Telegram Communityhttps://t.me/HIGH888

βœ… Bloghttps://blog.highbank.io

βœ… Twitterhttps://twitter.com/HighBank19

βœ… Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/HighBank.io

βœ… Linkedinhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/highbank

βœ… Githubhttps://github.com/HighBankio


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