HUGE Trading contest!

Special opportunity for all the crypto lovers!

Exclusively for P2PB2B, HighBank is offering a trading competition contest. For our users, the competition consists of 1-5 nonshared places, and 6-200 shared places to the top traders The special Trading Contest is joined edition of the  #HIGH and reward from our partner: the P2P Global Network – #P2PX token:

96,200.00 HIGH + 100,000.00 P2Px

 The amounts will be tallying and placed in proper categories. In the event of a tie in any individual prize amount, the amount will be decided by tied participants.

NO=Placements on Scale

  • ✔️ Place NO.1 is 50,000 HIGH  (Total reward for you!)
  • ✔️ Place NO.2 is 20,000 HIGH  (Total reward for you!)
  • ✔️ Place NO.3 is 10,000 HIGH  (Total reward for you!)
  • ✔️ Place NO.4 is 5,000 HIGH  (Total reward for you!)
  • ✔️ Place NO.5 is 2,000 HIGH (Total reward for you!)
  • ✔️ Place NO.6 – NO.10 Share 5,000 HIGH equally (1,000 HIGH each)
  • ✔️ Place NO.11 – NO.50 Share 3,000 HIGH equally (75 HIGH each)
  • ✔️ Place NO.51 – NO.200  Share 1,200 HIGH equally (8 HIGH each)

Moreover, the top 500 traders will also share in the airdrop of 100k P2P Global Network (P2PX) Tokens (200 each)!

So, what to do next?

Just go to  and/or and make your smart move! P2PB2B will follow history & analytics (available to the public) so you can see which places you obtained by buying #High.


Why is this contest important? Due to HighBank’s exchange offering on the P2PB2B exchange listing, we invite all believers, crypto lovers, traders and investors to help us maintain #High price. Its community matter because, after the ICO, the price will be set higher, if we do good now.

HighBank and P2Px are always here when you need us most! Let’s disrupt #crypto market in a way we all need!

For all questions & requests,  join our Dedicated #HighBank Community: HERE or #P2Px Community HERE 


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