Seeding Bounty is LIVE

Promised – done! Our very new rewarding program is open now for the applications.

All you need to do is to post a comment about HighBank related product and service, roadmap, events and meetups, news and recent updates. These comments should be posted on popular articles across crypto communities on Facebook, Linkedin, BTT, Reddit, Youtube, crypto forums…but, only if the community is bigger than 5k members!


No worries. We will provide you with both comments, and links to those communities 🙂


👉 Participants are required to comment in any popular crypto articles on a social media sites/group of their choice, the wording for the comment should be picked from this  Google sheet (Tab 1 – Comments). The comment must be posted in this Communities (Tab 2 – ICO Groups)

👉 Members must join HighBank community and ask two questions regarding HighBank’s product and services


  1. The article (you will comment on) must be placed on the front page of the website
  2. The comment must be posted in a crypto community group with a minimum of 5.000 members!
  3. The article (you comment on) cannot be older than 4 months (February/March 2019)
  4. Each participant must post out at least 5 comments in different crypto articles.
  5. Check previous comments/post to avoid spam! If someone already posted a comment you want – change, use other content, otherwise, you will not receive a reward.

REPORTING: After completing the Seeding Bounty activities, fill out this form to submit your activities HERE

REWARD:Each comment attracts 5 High Tokens.

💰 💰 If a participant completes 10 comments – gets extra 10 High Tokens (60 High for 10 comments)

You can check your entry, anytime, HERE .


Join & Enjoy!

And let us know ( here: if you need any support or explanation!
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