Partnering with HighBank – A journey to success

As a rule of thumb, if you want to make your million-dollar project a reality, then you need at least one of the following:

  1. A significantly huge budget
  2. A unique idea that sells on its own (rare these days since the market in quite dense)
  3. A financially and technically strong team (with high PR as well)
  4. Partners that help you in marketing and expanding customer outreach

Some people have all of these perks, but some just have an idea. It is important to realize that ultimately, it’s the idea that sells off in the market, so you got to have a strong one. Even if you have an idea but lack the availability of a team or funds, you do not have to worry anymore.

In 2018, when ICOs were surging, we observed that a significant number of people couldn’t get their ideas in the market because firstly, they did not have technical skills and secondly, they could not afford a team to work for them. Well, they could have hired someone on a partnership basis but of course, lack of trust is one of the major reasons for keeping ideas in the heart.

However, we at HighBank, have taken an initiative where you could seek financial and technical assistance while sitting anywhere in the World. Whether you are in the beginning stages of an ICO, or in a crisis after launching one, even if you failed to raise a single dollar after ICO, we will consider your proposal if the idea seems lucrative to our experts.

In order to extend the outreach, HighBank is actively working on establishing community centers all across the Globe. We believe that people with bright ideas, still do not trust ‘any random company’ in the beginning. Therefore, to inculcate trust, HighBank has ensured a physical presence in different regions. If we find your idea viable for the market and we also evaluate that the Return on Investment will be decent enough in the future, we will certainly craft a plan to work with you.

We will either buy your idea, hire you as the concept leader or make you a shareholder in the project. Please note that becoming a shareholder in the project does not make you a decision making authority of the HighBank ecosystem. You will just lead the concept of YOUR idea.

That’s just one aspect where you submit your proposal and if gets approved, you head the concept while we develop and roll it out in the market at a mutual understanding. But there is a lot to our partnerships…

Join us as an expert

Since we offer a comprehensive ecosystem, we need experts from different niches in order to provide services to our clients. You could be a legal expert, a consultant, a writer or possess any skill that might be of interest to our clients.

Just follow the steps mentioned below to join HighBank as an expert:

  • First, you have to submit an application form
  • Once the form is submitted, the community will verify your ID and background
  • If the details are verified, the community will award you a membership
  • Otherwise, the application will be rejected

We offer several perks and plans that you could be a part of, provided that you pass our screening phase and prove your skills to meet a minimum threshold.

In order to create futuristic solutions, it is important that the risk is minimized and stakes are increased. When different people are involved in a project as partners, they work collectively. Nobody works for a mere salary. In fact, everyone tries to put heart and soul in the venture such that it prospers and the value of ‘share’ increases.

We understand that money is the driving factor in all fields, cryptocurrency in particular. That’s the crux in this industry. Therefore, we believe in giving a certain share to everyone who partners with us in any capacity. It directly reflects the strictness we have to evaluate partner applications.

Suppose that you do not sign a partnership agreement with us but still want to use our ICO listing platform or any other feature for that matter. We have absolutely no issue with such an arrangement. Our aim is to encourage the surge in blockchain utility, crypto in particular.

However, in a case where you are unable to launch a project on your own, we can almost guarantee that partnering with HighBank will be your best bet. The reasons are pretty straightforward. Firstly, our financial backing is quite decent so you can trust that your idea will be executed and marketed without being heavy on our budget – that guarantees an unbelievably higher market reach that couldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Secondly, since we have community centers all across the Globe, the talent base is quite rich from that perspective. You will get the best people or rather handpicked from all over the Globe.

It is very important to realize that since we are incorporating a series of measures for picking up the best partners, the investors are most likely to trust in your ventures once it goes live. As a result, the profit you would earn in terms of salary or commission received by HighBank would be huge! Please note that we will always mention your name in our team as an advisor or director (we can decide that mutually, depending on the idea, help you provide and the resources we have to pour in). Therefore, you just have to come up with an idea and our team will do the rest. You will continue to earn commissions for an indefinite period.

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