How does HighBank help ICOs to diminish the possibility of failure?

A major proportion of ICOs finds it really difficult to penetrate the market because they are unaware of the procedures. Most of the newbies rely on surfing the internet, making a list of steps and then approaching relevant service providers. But this is a hectic process and might end up in a scam.

If not that, then within a few months, ICO owners might be bored of their efforts after not being able to raise a substantial amount of funds. Result? A failed ICO costing an entire venture!

Why are crypto ventures willing to go for ICOs?

Blockchain is a new technology and with the perks it offers, venture owners need a huge sum of money to fund the development of their projects. Let it be the dev team, marketing or establishment of offices across the Globe, everything needs money.

Although not all of the crypto ventures go for ICOs, most of them do, due to obvious reasons stated above. However, it’s not just about the money. If an ICO gets listed at a reputable site and gathers bags of money in the initial stages, then, of course, a trust is established and investors pour in their money even when the project goes live in a couple of months or weeks after that.

What do we offer to avoid ICO failures?

In order for an ICO to be successful, it must reach out to maximum people (through marketing) and establish a deep-rooted trust within the potential investors. These are the two areas that we focus the most while allowing you to connect with your audience.

Please note that all of the steps mentioned below might seem exhausting in the first glance. But they are not. They just require a couple of clicks and a few minutes of your cooperation. As soon as you go through all of the necessary steps, you will be listed at one of the industry’s best ICO crowdfunding platforms and hence, the probability for raising money through crowdfunding will be at its maximum.

Reviewing the reliability

This is the key. Potential investors are most likely to pour their hard-earned money into your ICO if they are sure whether the listing site has reviewed your credentials. It is purely a case of quality assurance and therefore, we never register an ICO without performing a rigorous check. Here is the procedure:

  1. ICO owner sends us the application
  2. An algorithm runs a background
    check to determine the authenticity and future prospects of the venture
  3. If the algorithm clears your application, it is passed on to the review team for a manual check
  4. If both. the expert team and the
    algorithm. clear your application, HighBank lists your ICO on the site

When our investor-base is confident that HighBank conducts such an extensive check on all the ICO applicants, they are least likely to doubt the platform and hence, your chances increase.

A dashboard for everything

We believe in increasing the productivity of your team. Therefore, once you register the ICO at HighBank, you should be least worried about managing the backend of the crowdfunding campaign. We have teams and smart contracts dedicated to doing that for you.

The team should just focus on utilizing the money to get the venture out in the market as soon as possible. Therefore, HighBank offers you an interface where you could manage all aspects of your ICO campaign with just a few clicks. Even if you are a non-technical person, you won’t find it difficult to use.


We provide you with all the marketing tools that you could use to run your social media campaigns from our dashboard.

It also allows you to get insights and statistics for each campaign so you know that you are getting the required

Let it be SEO, email marketing, blog posts or community discussions, we ensure that the potential customers hear you out.


It is referred to as ‘Know Your Customer’. After the initial review process, we do not have any issues or concerns with the legitimacy of your venture. However, investors are most likely to be attracted if they see some kind of a badge on your profile or they know that a reputable name in the industry happens to be in your team.

Therefore, just to multiply your probability of achieving the funding goal, we offer a voluntary service that any member from your team could do on behalf of the organization. In this procedure, we just verify the ID of the team members and issue a profile badge so that the customers trust you even more.

Online and offline community centers

This is new. Hardly any other ICO listing venture offers this and even the ones who do, have a very limited operational scale. Therefore, only a handful of ICO owners and team members can enjoy the benefits.

Apart from the online support, we also have teams all over the Globe that you could have physical access to any time. If you ever feel like your regional team cannot offer the required support, we can always arrange remote workshops for you.

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have the technical expertise or funds, but you do have an idea, reach out to us and a team will evaluate your use case. If we deem your idea lucrative, we will appoint you as a concept head, give you a certain share in the particular project and start developing. It is pretty evident that HighBank is not just launching an ICO listing venture. In fact, we are rolling out an entire ecosystem and lending a helping hand to all the ICO owners who might want to start their crypto or blockchain venture. Please note that a huge number of ICOs never go live because they fail to perform rigorous testing of the business logic and when they start scaling, the system gives up. In order to cater that, we are offering you to seek help from our error finding teams, at a very reasonable cost.

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