How does HighBank favor scalability?

See, blockchain is meant to offer scalability. But you must be wondering as to how a venture, that is primarily marketing itself as an ICO listing site, favors scalability on a mass scale. Well, you got it partially wrong. We are not just your traditional ICO funding platform. In fact, we provide an entire ecosystem, covering a wide variety of feasibilities that most of the blockchain ventures seek.

Before digging into the specifics, please note that ‘scalability’ is an in-built feature of the blockchain technology. So HighBank is not offering anything out of the box. In fact, we just provide means (based on blockchain) that you could use to roll out different use case in the market and scale up your operations.

What is scalability and why is it so important?

Whenever a network or software is rolled out in the public, the owners are most interested in getting the maximum number of people to join hands. When the adoption and usage increase, we say that the project is scaling up.

Immediately after the registration, every online company joins the race of scalability as it happens to be one of the core factors for determining the success and stability of a venture.

But there is a lot to it. Since there is a dense technology stack being used at the backend of every venture, it results in several limitations, hence hindering a project from reaching its ultimate heights.

However, due to the fact that blockchain offers cross-platform compatibility and the network entertains infinite members (nodes), a project cannot suffer from scalability related issues.

One of the core requirements of a business is to meet the demands of the industry. If it happens to be multinational, then it should be noted that different cultures effect industries. Therefore, the demands of the industry are never static. They always keep on changing. In order to cater to such trends, robust technology is required such that it doesn’t require a replacement at least for the next decade.

As mentioned above, scalability is indeed a measure of your brand recognition. But what makes you keep that reputation in the market is your ability to offer sheer efficiency while continuing to expand.

In the long run, investing in a scalable infrastructure results in a greater Return on Investment. This is because you do not have to hire developers after every couple of years for upgrading the system. Once a scalable network is deployed, you can continue focusing on the business side of the venture.

HighBank’s use cases as growth feasibility

Some people are often confused and they think scalability has something to do with the line of code and such stuff. Well, no doubt the logic matters, but there is much more than that.The most important factors determining your scalability are the feasibility, ease of access for your customers and of course, the technology you are using.

It may seem ordinary, but in fact, ICO listing at a reputable site happens to be one of the foremost steps before your project actually skyrockets.

When HighBank registers your ICO after a rigorous background check, it is basically allowing you to reach millions of customers across the Globe. Hence, boosting the probability of increasing your clients. Moreover, we have several automated tools right on the dashboard which allow you to spread your word out in the market and grow your brand.

Furthermore, if you ever feel like you need an automated plan after registering with us, we can entertain you for all the listed methods of marketing. Not only that but if you plan to market under a custom plan, we can accommodate that as well.

It should be noted that if you ever plan to incorporate your venture in multiple countries, we have our offices all across the Globe and our community centers will provide you the best counsel and technical advice for growth within this emerging market.

The perks of scalability

Small and medium businesses have the maximum potential for scalability as they have not yet captured the market and hence, possess an utmost scope for market growth. But unfortunately, these businesses, like many ICOs, fail to understand the sheer importance of scalability by thinking that it is not required at an initial stage and they should not pour in bucks for expansion. However, the perks demand you to do otherwise.

Tech geeks in the industry have been continuously trying to modify and upgrade the robustness of different systems in an attempt to bring efficiency in the market.

What would happen if a business does not scale?

Over a course of the period, it would collapse. Talking about a distant future? You will lose all of your technical clients.

See, you are primarily creating investment schemes for the masses. In the crypto landscape, avoiding bottleneck situations, efficiency and scalability are a couple of most important concerns that the investors look forward to. Even if you try to capture a huge investor base by portraying a false expansion strategy and somehow you even manage to get a newbie investor, they would realize the mistake in no time.

Plus, ICO based ventures are always cross-platform. Which means that users from an array of technical backgrounds and use cases will use your product. If you do not worry about scalability in the beginning or you make shorter milestones (i.e. upgrading the system after every 2 years), there is likely to be a conflict between users belonging to different technical backgrounds. Over time, your system might not be suitable for everyone.

There is a funny saying in the World of computer. If you have written a code, deployed a system and it works, do not touch it! It implies that the more you alter your infrastructure and programming logic, the more prone your business is to conflicts between different OS.

As a rule of thumb, you should create a system that has the capability to withstand (even exponential) scalability in the next 8-10 years.

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