How does HighBank allow the community to generate revenue in a decentralized environment?

This is one of the first questions that most of the investors and potential users ask us. Indirectly, this question tries to explore an array of earning streams we offer for people belonging to different walks of life.

The perks of working in a decentralized environment

Before the advent of the blockchain, you had to rely on centralized systems. Apparently, they were working great. So why do people prefer decentralized infrastructures now?

The primary reason is security and merit. Whether we talk about a CEO or a janitor, everyone has a personal space that needs to be respected. But while applying for a job, the organization needs to know your complete background and store the information somewhere for referencing and different surveys. That’s not a problem. The real problem occurs when there are not sufficient security measures installed to protect the data.

Blockchain offers this privilege to everyone on the network, regardless of the status or job rank. You can trust this technology with even the most sensitive data because neither it is easier to steal, nor someone can alter it at any point in life.

Furthermore, if we specifically talk about the remote work (where offices are not involved), everything depends on how well you perform and how the network gauges your performances. In a traditional workspace, all of this depends on your relationship with the boss. So, for instance, even if you perform better but your boss does not like you for any lame reason, you are never going to climb up the ladder. Blockchain is against all these norms. Your performance and worth are continuously weighed through an automated process and whether someone likes you or not, if you are performing efficiently, you are bound to earn more and have more authority.

Decentralized crypto exchange

Primarily, it serves the traders. We have one of the most robust cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry, providing several indicators. The interface is pretty straightforward and we have particularly taken into account the concerns of newbies.

The purpose of the exchange and how it allows you to earn money is pretty self-explanatory. However, just to give the newbies an overview, please note that it basically allows you to buy a crypto token and then sell it off to earn profits when the price allows.

If we just talk about HighBank, please note that we do not only allow you to trade ERC20 tokens. In fact, we feature cross-platform compatibility and by far, we have the most number of trading pairs available for the users. For instance, just to give you an idea, if you possess some tokens belonging to the WAVES platform or any other for that matter, you could trade it on the exchange and earn a profit.

Moreover, you could also earn referral awards by bringing in more customers to the platform.

We have yet another scheme…

See, whenever you trade coins on any exchange, you are charged a small transaction fee. However, at HighBank, you are allowed to choose the token in which you pay the fee. If you select HIGH (our native token), the fee is reduced by half. It is a great way to save a couple of bucks and keep your wallet balance high.

ICO listing and reviewing

Well, of course, if you are applying for registering an ICO with us, your foremost aim is to raise as much funding as possible to oversee the financial aspects of your crypto venture. So let’s keep that aside and discuss other revenue streams offered by HighBank under this category.

What do you think how are we going to create reviews? Of course, writers and reviewers are required for that. How much you get paid for your service would depend on your experience, quality, and length of your review and frequency as well. HighBank offers a variety of plans for reviewers such as per piece, per word or monthly basis.

Marketing and partnering program

Once the ICOs are listed and reviewers have submitted their unbiased opinions, the venture needs to be marketed. HighBank offers several marketing plans that the entrepreneurs can choose from.

However, in order to make both ends meet, we need a lot of marketers. Let it be SEO, blogging, community managers or any other stream that spreads the word across for our clients, we always welcome applications from all over the World.

We believe that marketing is the key to success in such a dense niche. Therefore, we not only pay good but if you do not have any experience in the field, our experts can offer paid training remotely as well as live workshops to get you on board for mutual benefit in the long run.

Community centers and advisory services

This is where we take a lead from our competitors and hence, we invest plenty of resources in community centers and advisors.

HighBank believes in providing support for our users and to some extent, we also offer free support. Since we are growing fast and hoping to open up our community centers all across the Globe, you could either offer a franchise and become a shareholder for that franchise or we can even pay you the rent. Moreover, these community centers will be huge and therefore, demand plenty of workforce. You could apply in any capacity that you are proficient in, but most importantly, we seek investors, developers and creative people who are enthusiastic about blockchain.

We also intend to extend our reach in the advisory sector as well. See, ICO owners might require technical, logical or legal support. We seek talent from all across the World and people who are willing to freelance or work for us on a full-time basis are encouraged to apply. While technical and logicalsupport might be the same for all regions in the World, legal support varies and hence, possesses an enormous scope.

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