How does HighBank allow ICO owners to compete with the market?

Most of the ICO owners with resources and experience do not even google this question. But if you happen to be a newbie in the field with high aims, then you have to be sure whether the listing site you are partnering with has the potential to surge your ranking and revenue.

Over the years, our experience has allowed us to learn a very basic yet crucial factor. Newbie ICO owners do not just need a listing or crowdfunding platform. In fact, what makes the real difference is an entire ecosystem offering ‘nurturing’ support to these budding ventures in various domains.

Listing and crowdfunding

First things first. If you are interested in getting all the support that an ICO needs in order to penetrate the dense market, the very first step is to get your project registered at a reputable site.

Please note that we have a rigorous selection procedure for the ICOs and therefore, even our ‘minor’ projects perform way better than the ones listed on most of the crowdfunding sites. Since we have elaborated the selection procedure in detail on our website and whitepaper, the potential investors always have a sense of security while surfing through our listings.

So basically, in the beginning, if you feel like our selecting procedure is exhaustive, think of it as a long term goal. Once you are through the selection, the investors will look at you as a reliable venture and hence, the probability of being funded will surge exponentially.

This modern-day economy is highly dependent on algorithmic verification and expert reviews. Whether these reviews are merely word of mouth or a concrete statement from a well-reputed individual on the internet, it matters a lot.

It is estimated that about 90 percent of the users base their decisions on the information provided in reviews (by an expert team).

If you look at it, the entire verification process is meant to make your standing more ‘concrete’ in the following domains:

  1. A detailed, responsive and professionally designed website
  2. Team detail – showcasing their background in an appealing manner
  3. A well-organized roadmap
  4. A plan to mitigate cybersecurity event
  5. Customer outreach plan

Now if you work on these areas, you are already halfway there! What’s exciting is that our expert team at HighBank does most of the work for you once you are through the verification.


We believe in progressing together with our clients and providing them with a sheer level of support, wherever and whenever required. In order to do that, we have established our online and offline community centers across the Globe. The primary aim is to encourage young entrepreneurs to visit HighBank, share their ideas, seek help and become the next most successful crypto token in the market.

For instance, if you visit our office in Belgium and you want a detailed explanation regarding a particular aspect of ICO launching, we will sail you through. Our teams will be there to give you the presentation, make you accustomed to a variety of aspects related to your query and even link you up with the right skill set for your problem statement.

We also understand that most of the ICOs are developed out of curiosity and ‘desire to succeed’. Hence, they lack a second opinion. When our teams look into your business proposal, they try to find out errors in the logic that could prove disastrous in the long run. As a result, you never hit the iceberg that you might have crashed into otherwise.

We like taking the possible future moves into account. Therefore, if you ever wish to partner with us for one of your ventures, we could always explore the possibility.

For instance, you come up with a brilliant market-thrilling idea. But you do not have the skillset and/or funds to make both ends meet. If we find your idea viable for the market and we also evaluate that the Return on Investment will be decent enough in the future, we will certainly craft a plan to work with you.

We will either buy your idea, hire you as the concept leader or we will give make you a shareholder in the project. Please note that becoming a shareholder in the project does not make you a decision making authority of the HighBank ecosystem. You will just lead the concept of YOUR idea.


It happens to be one of the foremost areas for any project. It’s common – it implies that whether you an experienced ICO owner or a newbie, you need marketing! It should also be noted that when the niche is so much overcrowded, the marketing needs to be extensive, which requires more time and budget, of course.

Therefore, we allow you to just focus on getting your project listed at HighBank and then thinking about future moves. We provide you with all the marketing tools that you could use to run your social media campaigns from our dashboard.

It also allows you to get insights and statistics for each campaign so you know that you are getting the required results.

Furthermore, you could even select one of our marketing plans for enhanced customer outreach.

Ease of use

It is the key to success. See, there is no doubt in the fact that sophisticated and unique ideas sell more, but you cannot forget the importance of usability. If a system cannot be used easily, you are introducing a to-be dead venture.

Therefore, our teams utilize their experience and current market trends to suggest changes in your system that could boost up the usage. We believe in easing things out for our partners. In order to enhance your productivity, HighBank has made everything possible within a couple of clicks. For that, we feature a customizable dashboard from where you could manage your ICOs, create new projects, apply as a partner, add more services to your plan and create a custom smart contract for any of your use cases.

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