AMA coming up!

Live with the CEO 🙌

In addition to our last week’s exciting announcement about Trade Contest and listing on the P2PB2B exchange, our team has more exciting news on what lies ahead!

We’d love you to join our Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session on Thursday, 25th of April at 11AM CST – a perfect time for our beloved community which is worldwide.

Hosted by our CEO – Mr. Wilkinson, AMA will take place at our Facebook Page as a live video stream with a chat, where you can shoot your questions!

BUT, That’s not all!

During the AMA we will have #HighBank premier QUIZ which will be the knowledge-based. That means the CEO will ask a few questions from our Whitepaper and 1st members who answer correct and share the answer on their social media – will bet the reward! The reward is generous, and in our crypto: HIGH.

You can shoot your questions towards .ani (@aniputapet) via Tiva F (@Bert0601) on our Telegram Community Group, or directly on a video chat once our CEO is live, during the AMA!


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