HIGH Special Offer!

It seems that the crypto market gets on its feet! Which makes us happy, of course ๐Ÿ™‚ And opens up one more #HighBank opportunity! This time we are enabling you to have a good bonus on any purchased amount of HIGH.

Our exclusive deal is now open!ย 
That means you can continue purchasing HIGH normally, but this time you will get a BIG INCENTIVE – 10% to 25% more HIGH on the purchased sum:

Invest $ 50 USD , Get 50 + Bonus 10 = 60 High
Invest $ 100 USD , Get 100 + Bonus 25 = 125 High
Invest $ 200 USD , Get 200 + Bonus 60 = 260 High
Invest $ 300 USD , Get 300 + Bonus 75 = 375 High
Invest $ 400 USD , Get 400 + Bonus 90 = 490 High
Invest $ 500 USD , Get 500+ Bonus 100 = 600 High

> If you are able and willing to invest more , please contact our admins!

All you need to do is following:

  1. SIGN UP or Login hereย (https://highbank.io/signup)
  2. Purchase XX ammount in fiat directly on the dashboard
  3. Send to our CMO (Telegram ID: @aniputapet) the screenshot of the transaction
  4. Receive a bonus!

If you rather prefer purchasing HIGH with crypto, please following this instruction:

  1. Contactย our COO (Telegram ID: @tscryptokol)
  2. She will lead you, step by step
  3. Receive a bonus!

If you rather prefer not to chat with our admins, than you can simply send the amount to one of our official crypto addresses!

ALWAYS CHECK ADDRESS – since there’s a lot of scams around, recheck and be sure it’s our official #crypto address:

  • ETH๐Ÿ‘‰0x6a6d8F7500C0be7da27A588aA948E10f4A1d797C
  • LTC ๐Ÿ‘‰ MT1StMdepKuY3QMwwFYwp1bgnpYZEhT4jL
  • BTC ๐Ÿ‘‰ 33Mvuscn6zGsm55Mh2wu1Wyw1BtpBim9fe

This program is important because it enables you to gain more HIGH before our IEO starts!

Wish you luck, and a good time, and (remember) you can always contact us for more questions in our Community Telegram Group:ย https://t.me/HIGH888

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